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Cristofaro Pacifico

Dear John: I never thought that I would see such a wonderful sight as the Island that I was raised on, beautiful PONZA. I was borne on Ventotene and migrated to Ponza until we came to Brooklyn, N Y in 1919 with my family. My father's name was Pasquale Pacifico & my mother was Filomena Musella. My name was Cristofaro Pacifico, since change to Christopher. I visited Ponza with my wife in 1972 and we had had a wonderful time visiting with Vincent Guarino's relatives and visiting my former residence from when I lived there. Keep up the good work on keeping us up to date on our place of origin wonderful PONZA.

Anthony Zecca

Dear Giovanni, I am Anthony Zecca, proud son of Eugene and Sue Zecca. They were both from Ponza, and came to the U.S. in the 1920's. His father and mother were Silverio and Rosalio, while my mother's parents are Joseph and Maria Zecca. My grandmother Maria is a DeMeglio. I was born in the Bronx and we moved to Pgh. in 1953 and lived with and near the Guarino's. My father is recently deceased, but my mother lives in Pgh. with my sister Maria. I live in Tampa, and have done my job of keeping the family name, by having 3 sons. Anthony, Joshua, and Micah.About 12 years ago I video taped my parents for about 2 hours and talked the entire time about Ponza, and who everyone is. I feel that by doing this my history of the Ponzese will live on.My sister has a daughter, Gina, who has a child named Talia. Gina is due any day with her second child. I could go on forever discussing the great families of Ponza, a unique kinship of beautiful families. God bless the Ponzese.

Dr. D. MacTavish

Dear Giovanni: I'm e-mailing you from Massachusetts, USA. I am a genealogist and a Conte family and Scotti family researcher, looking into my family history. I've enjoyed your web site, "Isola di Ponza", at I have Scotti's and Conte's from Ponza in my family tree as well. My great grandmother was named FRANCIS SCOTTI. She was probably born around 1875 on Ponza. Her husband's name was CAMILLO CONTE, also probably born in the 1870s on Ponza. Their son, SILVIO BRUNO CONTE SR. (nicknamed: "SAM"), was my grandfather. Silvio was born on Ponza on October 23, 1894. He emigrated to the USA around 1910-1911 and married twice and had 12 children. He died on October 10, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan. I'm seeking information on my SCOTTI and CONTE relatives from Ponza. I'd like to complete my family tree and connect with lost relatives. I have three questions for you: 1) How do I post a message on your "E-mail Forum"? I could not find any instructions on how do post a message anywhere on your web site. 2) Do you know how I could get hold of a Ponza telephone directory? Or perhaps is there a web site that would have this information on it? 3) Is it possible that you and I are related? It would seem so! We both have Scotti's and Conte's from Ponza. Do you have any knowledge or information on my Francis Scotti or the Conte family line from Ponza? If not, do you know of anyone I could contact who might? In particular I would sincerely like to connect with genealogists who specialize in the people of Ponza. Thank you for your time. I look forward very much to hearing from you! With Kindest Regards, Dr. D. MacTavish

Mark Gould

Dear Giovanni--- I am writing this e-mail for Rose Lassourreille (maiden name Zecca).....Her grandfather was Silverio Zecca, born in Ponza, and her grandmother was Rosalia, also from Ponza.....Silverio came to the US (West Virginia) in 1915 with his son, Antonio (Rose's father). Antonio was born on Ponza in 1908. Rosalia stayed behind in Ponza....Antonio returned to Ponza about 1922, and came back to the US for good in 1925, settling in the Bronx on Morris Ave. Antonio's brothers Silverio, Joseph, and Eugene, and his sisters, Madeline and Amelia, joined him later in the Bronx. Rose has two brothers, Anthony Zecca, and Silverio Zecca, both from the Miami FL area. Madeline Zecca (Rose's aunt) married Nick Mazzella, who was from Ponza. They also settled on Morris Ave. Rose was baptized in Our Lady of Pity in the Bronx.... The reason I am writing this e-mail for Rose is that we saw the name Zecca on your Ponza website and wondered if there is any family connection between the Zeccas and Coppas, and if you might know if there are any Zeccas left on Ponza. My wife Susan (Rose's daughter) and I will be visiting Ponza in July 2000 to try to find Antonio's childhood home. Antonio's father had a cabinet shop right next to the house where he lived. We would love to hear any advice you might be able to give us regarding contacts on Ponza who might be able to help us find Antonio's home and relatives, if there are any left on the island. Sightseeing suggestions would also be most welcome, as well as B&B recommendations... Thanks for your help, Mark Gould