I found your email on the Ponza page on the internet, and hoped you may help me. I'm Susan Coppa,and we are planning a trip to Ponza this summer August 2006. We were in Italy last year, but in winter and didn't make it south. We would like to know if it's possible to find relations, knowing how common the Coppa name is. My husbands Grandfather lived there and married his first cousin who was a Coppa. Michelangelo Coppa was born in 1894 and Married Filomena Coppa. His father was Libera Coppa. Down the family tree the coppa's married cuomo's also. Francesco Coppa married Teresa Mazzella They had Libera- Libera's Children are : Javanni,Filomena,Gennaro,Mario, Miniagucchi -fathered 11 children Michelangelo who married Filomeno, fathered 7 children (he died in 187)...The remaining children are the family we are from. He of course was a fisherman, which was common. Not sure if this is enough information. Would you know of any of these Coppa's? Thanks for your help. Susan Coppa Carlsbad California


Dear Giovanni,

First let me congratulate you of the excellent home page. I was very impressed by the photos and the information the page contained.I am Anthony Romano. My father was Giuseppe (born 1905) from Ventotene. My mother was Giovanna Ruggiero (also from Ventotene). My mother's first husband was Giovanni D'Arco from Ponza (married about 1915). They had 2 children, Antonietta and Francesco D'Arco, both born in Ventotene or Ponza. I am told Giovanni was a seaman who died of influenza about 1920. In 1922 my widowed mother came to America with her 2 children followed by my father in 1923. They were married here. Only my sister Antonietta is alive today.Also, my first cousin Rosa Ruggiero married Attilio Coppa who was from Ponza. They live in California and are about 90 years old now. As a boy I remember going to "la festa di San Silverio" in the Bronx.I have been researching our family for several years now. In 2000 thanks to Antonio Coppa of Ponza I was able to obtain more information about Giovanni D'Arco and his brothers and sisters. If anyone in Ponza recognizes any of this information, I would be happy to hear from them.Thank you for providing such a great way to communicate with relatives.      Anthony

 Hi my name is Kenny(Vitiello) Veid I live in Delaware. My wife and I, 4 years ago went to Ponza .We loved it .My grandfather Silverio Vitiello came here in 1914, he had 1 brother and three sisters. The sisters stayed in Ponza, while he and his brother lived in West Virginia. My great grandmother was Mary Feola. I don't know much about my Ponza family.  I would like to know more, and I would like to know more about Dover Plains and also meet people related to people from Ponza. Please feel free to contact me at Ironman451de@aol.com.