Hello, I found your email on the Ponza page on the internet, and hoped you may help me. I'm Susan Coppa,and we are planning a trip to Ponza this summer August 2006. We were in Italy last year, but in winter and didn't make it south. We would like to know if it's possible to find relations, knowing how common the Coppa name is. My husbands Grandfather lived there and married his first cousin who was a Coppa. Michelangelo Coppa was born in 1894 and Married Filomena Coppa. His father was Libera Coppa. Down the family tree the coppa's married cuomo's also. Francesco Coppa married Teresa Mazzella They had Libera- Libera's Children are : Javanni,Filomena,Gennaro,Mario, Miniagucchi -fathered 11 children Michelangelo who married Filomeno, fathered 7 children (he died in 187)...The remaining children are the family we are from. He of course was a fisherman, which was common. Not sure if this is enough information. Would you know of any of these Coppa's? Thanks for your help. Susan Coppa Carlsbad California

I found your web page by chance when I looked up Ponza in a search engine. I was looking for information about Ponza because my husband's father came from there. Vittorio Coppa left Ponza in 1927 with his brother Aurelio to come to Australia. They were 15 and 17 years old. Their father Gennaro was the doctor on the island and he was married to Maria D'Atri. My husband Robert is Gennaro's grandson. Do you know this branch of the family? We hope to come and see Ponza in a couple of years. My father-in-law told us such wonderful stories about growing up there. It was such a surprise to see the name 'Coppa' come up on the computer screen. It is very unusual in Australia. I hope to hear from you. I'm sorry the family no longer speaks Italian, much to our shame. Tara Coppa

Will you be attending the Coppa reuinion in Ravenna in 2000?If so E-Mail me. HELBRU@WEBTV.NET BRUCE COPPA

My name is Jeff Coppa. My father's name was Joshep Coppa. He lived in West Virginia until his death.My mother's name is Audrey, and she still lives in WV. He has several brothers (Mario, Dominic, Sylvester, Peter) and a sister (Mary). His mother lived in Richwood, WV (she died a year after my father). If any of this sounds familiar, please drop me a line. I'm trying to write up a family tree. If not, sorry to have bothered you. You can respond to this address or jcoppa@aol.com. Thanks for your time. Jeff Coppa

Dear Mr. Coppa: I am trying to find out about my ancestors for my family album. My grandfather was Gennaro Coppa born on the island of Ponza. My grandfather was a young boy when he came to the United States to New York. He died when I was very young and therefore I didn't get to learn a lot about him and his family. He married my grandmother in New York. Her name was Anna Mazzella and she is gone now also and so no one knows too much of the family history. My father and mother are both passed away, but all of the rest of the Coppa family (my family) lives in Michigan. I am not sure that you can help me in anyway, as I know my information is very vague. I know that the Coppa name is not all that common in the states and I would very much like to know my families heritage. I thank you for your time. Sincerely, Debora Ann (Coppa) Zander

hola Saludo desde CHILE, mi segundo nombre tambien es Giovanni y mi apellido paterno es COPPA. Los coppas llegaron a chile antes de la segunda guerra mundial Se despide atentamente G.G.COPPA.S